Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Short and Sweet

So, as promised, here's the rundown on the short film.
First off, let me say it's surprisingly difficult to squeeze a whole story into just a few minutes, but I think I found a nice compromise. I ended up writing a short story around a poem I wrote a couple months ago. Funny thing is, in doing so I found myself liking this little poem a lot more. I originally saw it as pretty plain and cheesy (just how I like my pizzas, incidentally,) but as I wrote the story around it, I was shocked to see it worked on more layers than imagined, hopefully you guys will agree.
So to give you guys a taste without totally spoiling the film, I figure I'll share the poem itself. Go easy on me.


The Robin's Song
by Jacob Drake

Spring came in with a sound
Of a robin singing in a tree

It came in swift upon the wind
And made the air alive to me

It came to town along the ground
And made it shimmer with dew

Grey turned blue and brown turned green
As the world was born anew

A royal blue jacket and a walk to school
As the spring sun warmed my face

The snow was gone from winter long
And budding blossoms took its place

Spring came in with a sound
Of a robin singing in a tree

The robin's song's been gone too long
Please spring, come back to me

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Jody said...

WHOA! I didn't know you were a poet, too. It's beautiful, Jacob. *hug*