Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stepping It Up

Well, that snow they were forecasting never hit us. It hit all the areas around us, but all we got was sporadic rain throughout the week. A brief reprieve before the inevitable arrival of the real deal.

Tomorrow marks the first time in my filmmaking career that I'll be directing actors who weren't drawn by me. Yes, actual living, breathing human beings.
Larry asked me to direct some scenes for the upcoming Bullcrank film, currently titled either An American Werewolf in America or The Wimp Whose Woman Was a Werewolf. Larry loves the long titles.
I've spent the last few days making up storyboards and doing the things I suspect a director would do to prepare. It must have worked, as I feel prepared and surprisingly un-nervous. We'll be filming Saturday and Sunday. I'll most likely post a small update or two over the weekend.

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