Friday, November 04, 2011

Something Different

My friend, Steve, has himself an awesome comic at  Not long ago, he asked if I'd like to do a guest strip.  I've done a lot of cool artsy stuff in my time, but despite my love for comics, I've somehow never actually attempted one of my own.  I liked the idea, so I agreed.  I did my thing and the strip went online today!  And Teal's in it, too!  Check it out here.

You should also go back to the beginning and check out all the great comics Ash has made.



Johnny Biacofsky said...

You're really good at what you do. The blur effect you put in that fifth panel was perfect. Its not like I have any real ability at critiquing any kind of animation, be it strip or otherwise, but from just a passer-by that struck me as cool.

Plus it was just a great piece. Cool dude.

jacobdrake said...

Thankya, sir!