Monday, June 13, 2005

A Series Of Unfortunate Events At The Texas Roadhouse

So my family and I were sitting here in the ninety degree heat with nothing to do. We were all hungry and Mom pointed out that she got a $25 gift card for The Texas Roadhouse a few months ago. None of us had ever been there, so we figured we might as well go check it out.

I'd like to pause and point out that I tend to be hesitant to check out new restaurants. When I find one I really like, such as Anthony's, I stick to it. Sure, it might not seem very adventurous, but tonight kind of supported my actions.

We had heard from everyone that this place is great and normally there's a line of people outside waiting to get in. When we arrived there was even a sign above the door suggesting people call ahead before coming, but we were lucky enough to show up when there was no line. We got in and were quickly seated, everything seemed pretty cool, though the ridiculously loud constant flow of country music can wear on your nerves. We were actually seated right next to Willie's Corner, which is like a mini shrine to Willie Nelson, I'm pretty sure he's part owner of the chain.

We all ordered, I got myself a strawberry margarita, all was going smoothly...until the food began to arrive. My older brother was about to take his first bite of salad when he noticed a hair in it. Okay, gross, but sure, it'll happen from time to time. The waitress quickly replaced the salad.

A kid at the table next to us was celebrating his birthday and the waitress had everyone give a "YEE-HAW!" for him. I was there, so I thought it was only right to join in. It was surprisingly satisfying, I should really make more time in my daily life for a good "YEE-HAW!" every now and then. Anyway, at that same table was a guy who looked freakishly like Corey. I wasn't a "Hey, he looks like..." moment, it was more like "Is that Corey? Poor guy's delusional and thinks he's in New York City!" Corey, you have a clone.

The meal itself was good. Really good. Expensive, but good. Even with the $25 gift card it cost more than we're used to. Everyone finished and I quickly downed the remainder of my margarita so we could head out. Mom stood up and someone at another table informed her she had something on her shirt. I'll say. Remember in those old movies when some poor sucker would unknowingly sit on a freshly painted bench and end up with stripes all over the back of his brand new suit? This was like that, but it wasn't paint, it was barbecue sauce. Barbecue sauce smeared all over the back of Mom's white t-shirt. Judging by the placement, it could have only come from the back of her chair, which makes you wonder...why the hell was there barbecue sauce all over the back of the chair? Was the guy there before us just an extremely sloppy eater? Is this Willie Nelson's version of Punk'd? What gives?

Mom talked to the manager and we got a free Texas Roadhouse t-shirt. Maybe it was like a prize for the first family who could find the hidden hair and the secret sauce. It really wasn't that terrible, the food was great and the place was cool, I guess it was just one of those days. Besides, a free t-shirt and a blog entry came out of it!

Until next time...YEEEEEE-HAWWWW!


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