Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wrong Turn

My day started with my yearly appointment where I basically go in to show I'm still disabled so I get my medical shtuff paid, it was an interesting experience. I'll spare you that story though, too odd.

As Mom and I left, I mentioned that I'd like to stop at Borders to browse some books. Mom thought she knew of a quicker, more direct way to get there. Roughly ten minutes later, we found ourselves on a long, straight road in the middle of a sparsely populated farming town. A roadside sign kindly welcomed us to Leroy Township. It's one of those places you always hear the name of, bu have never actually been there. It was actually a nice visual treat: little rivers and streams, endless rolling fields, cute farmhouses. There were a couple rickety old houses along the way which quickly had me humming "Dueling Banjos" to amuse myself. The one bad thing was the heat. It was a sunny, ninety degree day, even the wind felt hot as we flew down this neverending road.
I actually enjoyed our little detour, but Mom was a bit stressed. She handled it pretty well, but it's a sure thing that she should never be allowed to drive a truckload of nuns or small children anywhere. Mom's vocal stress relief would most likely result in shock-induced heart attacks or an impromptu exorcism attempt, from my seat it's a pretty funny thing to behold.

About a quarter tank of gas later we were back in familiar territory. "Screw Borders" was the mutual decision as we instead headed to Denny's to cool off. Listen up, folks- next time you're at Denny's, do yourself a favor and order the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. It's so ridiculously delicious, it must be terrible for you, but trust me, you won't care. Tell 'em Jacob sent you, then watch the amusingly blank stare you'll be met with.

On another note, when I got home tonight, I was fortunate enough to chat with the lovely Sara. She told me she had visited the site and my mention of her in a previous entry made her blush. So, it seems only fitting that I now do this...

That oughta do the trick!

Stay cool.



littlemissrandom said...

:( You didn't mention when you spoke to me for the first time in over a year. Don't you love me anymore? :P

Sara said...

oh jacob, i think you will forever make me blush!

Sara said...

oh jacob, i think you will forever make me blush! p.s. i like your little star...wink wink

Anonymous said...

LMAO over the vocal stress relief! My sweet aunt wouldn't carry on like that now would she, LOL! ~Nat