Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Poem, Anyone?

by Jacob Drake

Her face alight with the candle’s glow
She stares into the flame below
The windows to one’s soul are found in their eyes
Raven colored lashes, hers are hidden behind
Fire’s shadow leaps back and forth like a blackened tide
It jitters around like the butterflies I’m feeling inside
Her windows raise up and gaze deep into mine
Lady of light, swimming in shadow, suspended in time
Searching my being, reading my soul, her stare never sways
I try to be steady, but my courage wanes as I look away
I am broken and beaten as she embraces me alone
Away from the world in somewhere only we know
The glow disappears and we’re left without light
A coy smile appears as she walks into the night
Away with this woman, a little piece of me goes
I remain haunted by the face in the candle’s glow


sara said...

j...that was stunningly beautiful...

sara said...

jacob...that was stunningly beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Wow... that's awesome... the only thing I can say is 'that's beautiful man!' ~ Nat