Sunday, September 04, 2005

Birthday Pinot

As something of a follow-up to Thursday's surprise extravaganza, tonight the gang and I headed to the wine bar.
Corey and I were the first to arrive. We actually got there way ahead of everyone else, which was a good thing. I ordered myself a glass of Pinot Grigio (I've wanted to taste Pinot since I watched Sideways, I'm a dork) and we just chatted. For about an hour we sat in a side room with couches and a fireplace and caught up with each other as Corey told me about life in New York City.
Eventually, we moved into the main room so everyone could find us. Shortly after we sat at a table in the front window, Maria arrived with her friend, Jessie. I now owe Jessie a CD and she wants to bling out my wheelchair. One glass of wine in me and I nearly have a rhinestone covered chair, imagine if I had a second glass.
A few minutes later, Bridget and her boyfriend, Keith, showed up and joined us. More food and drinks were ordered (I got baked brie, mmm) and Aaron got there and completed the night's group.
It was a simple, yet highly enjoyable night of hanging out with friends old and new. Gotta love it.
After everyone went their own ways for the night, Corey and Aaron came back to my place for a little mischief involving Corey's BB gun and our back yard, not to mention my sword. We played video games into the wee hours, bringing in my actual birthday. It seems bizarre that I've had two parties before my birthday officially arrived. Around 3:30 AM, we were video gamed out and they went home. Corey flies back to NYC in the morning. I'm still in a bit of shock he got to surprise me like this. Simply awesome.
Now I must get to sleep so I'm rested for my birthday and the family cookout Mom has planned.
Until next entry...Stay classy, cyberspace.

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