Friday, September 02, 2005

Jacob's 2004 Adventure: Part VI- Day Three At Niagara Falls And The Return Journey

We were actually somehow able to wake up and be out of our room (mostly) in time for checkout time. All our bags were packed and we were ready to go. I went to the window and took one last look at the view. When everyone was ready we headed downstairs and loaded up the van. As we packed up, I sat the gift shop with the best name ever. They weren't overly boastful, they know they were just okay. I had to take a picture.

It dawned on me that in the few days that we were there, we never actually went and saw the view from the top of the Falls, so after checking out of the hotel, that's where we went.

Having not eaten yet and knowing there was a five hour drive ahead of us, first we found a little place to eat. Being low on money, it was just cheeseburgers this time.

After eating, we donned our ponchos and made our way out by the Falls. Such a beautiful experience, the sound, the sight, the wind and the mist enveloping you, it was fantastic.

Of course I'm a dork and had something goofy planned.
Y'know how people take garden gnomes and take pictures of them in various places? Well, I decided to put my own twist on that and I brought along my Treebeard figure.

After taking a couple quick pictures, we set Treebeard up for the third picture and that was when the commotion started. We heard a sudden chatter of languages unknown to our ears and suddenly a young Indian girl ran up and tried to grab Treebeard! There was a look of confusion and panic on my aunt's face as she grabbed Treebeard and rescued him from nearly diving into the river far, far below. Not knowing what to say, my aunt just said to the girl "It's not real!" As the commotion died down, an Asian man in I'd guess his mid to late fifties walked over with a huge smile on his face. In broken English he said "Is...a tree?" I happily replied "Yeah! From Lord of the Rings!" Still grinning, he stopped, thought for a minute, and then excitedly said "...Next...Halloween costume!" Maybe you had to be there, but the whole thing was hilarious. Leave it to me to nearly start a riot at Niagara Falls with a toy.

We took a few more pictures and then loaded into the van for the journey home. Just look how sad poor Treebeard was.

The ride started off a bit bumpy as we got a bit lost while looking for the border, LOL, but after that it was completely smooth. The weather was pleasant, my iPod was charged, and the miles just flew by.

A little before 6 PM, the roads and the scenery started to look familiar. As we got off of the freeway a few miles from here, I felt like we were the four hobbits returning to the Shire after our incredible journey, we were home.

We drove to the parking lot where my dad was working to let him know we were back and we ended up telling him our whole tale right then and there. Having perfect timing, my older brother and his friend showed up just in time and they got to listen too. After visiting a little while, we left and I had one more trick left up my sleeve.

Before dropping Grandma and Aunt Karen off, I had Mom drive to Anthony's, the little restaurant near my house. It was while eating at Anthony's that plans for this trip were originally hatched, I thought it was only fitting that we end the trip there too, so I treated everyone to dinner. With our cokes, iced teas, and waters, we made a toast "To the next trip."

After dropping them off, Mom and I were finally home. Once we got inside, it almost felt as if we hadn't even left in the first place.
It was completely amazing. In four short days I saw a concert, met my favorite band, and experienced so many wonderful things at Niagara Falls. This was the best trip I (or any of my fellow travellers) have ever taken and it will surely never be forgotten.

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