Thursday, October 12, 2006

Out With the Cold, In With the Cold

After about a week, my cold is finally gone. I still have the occasional cough, but it's done for the most part, thankfully.

I can't believe it, we got the first snow of the year today. Granted, it didn't stick and only lasted for a couple minutes, but it snowed. It was 70 degrees just a couple days ago.

The current draft of my script is just a couple pages away from completion. It'll still need some tweaking and polishing, but progress is progress.

I've been trying to write steadily, but keep getting distracted by my recently purchased box set of Scrubs: Season 4 and my resurrected addiction to Snood. Curse those freaky little faces and the joy of firing them from their cannon!

Back to work. Focus, Jacob. Focus.

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