Friday, January 19, 2007

Latest Project Revealed!

As stated in his most recent blog, I've just finished making a music video for Raine Maida.
After seeing him in St Catharines, he saw the animated shorts and asked me to make a music video for a song of my choice from his upcoming solo album. After listening to his EP over and over (and over and over), I finally decided on Sex, Love, and Honey.
I started working on it as soon as I finished work on the animation for the Bullcrank: Now and Then video. I cranked it out and finished in record time, wrapping it a week ago today.
They're planning to use it on his website, his MySpace page, and possibly even show it behind him when he plays the song in concert!
Seriously, how awesome is this?
I can't wait for it to go online, I'll post again when it does.

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Anonymous said...

Jacob you so rule. I love to meet yo uone day. Maybe at a CK show.. YOu have so much talent. No wonder why Raine and Chantal love you son..

Gail E.