Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Year, Same Jacob

It's tough to believe it's just over a week ago I rang in 2007 with my nerdiest New Year's celebration yet (I drank lots of wine and champagne with Mom and watched Short Circuit at 2 AM). It feels like ages ago. And Christmas was only two weeks ago? I'm telling you, time's gone all wonky.

Kris had surgery last week following the incident at the bar two weeks ago and is recovering nicely.

I've still been keeping busy with my project, which is rapidly nearing completion. I'm hammering out a few last details with the boss right now and I should wrap things up within the next few days. I'm pumped.

In other awesome news, the folks over at FilmThreat.com chose Batman's Gonna Get Shot in the Face as the 4th best short film of 2006! Check out the article here! It was pretty awesome news to wake up to yesterday. Thanks, guys!

I've been daydreaming about Niagara Falls again. Anybody wanna move there with me?

Today I'll leave you with a new commercial I'm enjoying quite a bit. It's a spot for Old Spice featuring a personal favorite of mine, Bruce Campbell. I'm really tempted to copy the decor (especially the neverending painting) when I redo my bedroom...

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