Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Hundredth Hour

After finishing OldSchool Revolution, one question I seemed to get frequently was "How long did that take you?" The best info I had to offer was that I started in September and finished in December. So, beginning with Batman, I started to clock my hours on my projects, just for reference and out of curiosity.

Last night I hit the hundredth hour of work on The Girl and the Ghost. It seems really strange to have a hundred hours of work in before any voicework is even recorded. With that much time and energy put into it already, it freaks me out a bit how incredibly far from finished it is. It's already taken longer than the Sex Love and Honey music video did and it's approaching the halfway mark for how long Batman took to animate.

The main reason this one's taking so much longer is that the style is much more complex than my previous projects, both design-wise and animation-wise. The process can be (and usually is) mind-numbingly slow, but judging by the clips I have finished, it'll absolutely be worth it, so stay tuned.

In related news, I just saw that iFilm featured Sex Love and Honey again this past Friday. That gave me a nice little motivational boost.

Okay, back to work now.

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