Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Day of Directing

With several animated projects under my belt, today was a first. I was involved in the actual recording of voice work. While I animated and edited a bit, Larry and the gang have handled everything else on all the past projects. Now I'm getting a taste of what they've been doing as I hold the reigns on The Girl and the Ghost.

Larry, Ian, and Clint left a few hours ago after helping me out and turning my living room into a makeshift recording studio. Larry's voicing the ghost character and we knocked out all of his lines in just a couple hours with Ian handling the recording. Things went pleasantly smooth and I'm one step closer to finishing this bad boy.

Another great thing was revealing new footage from The Greatest Fan Film of All Time to the guys. These shots have me pumped and Larry says they've rejuvenated his enthusiasm for the project.

Expect a trailer soon.

Felix over at just posted an interview with Larry about the history and future of Bullcrank here. It's a great read and an excellent interview, so definitely give it a look.

Back to work I go. Have a happy and safe 4th, kiddies.

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