Sunday, July 29, 2007

Time, Frames, and Time Frames

Funny to think that one year ago our basement was subaqueous. It really seems like all of that happened ages and ages ago. Why does this year seem to be dragging along? Maybe because I've kept consistently busy, though I'd think that would make time fly by.

Busy is how The Girl and the Ghost has been keeping me. I had a period of a couple weeks where my creativity put up the "Gone fishin'" sign, but I'm back in business. More voice work is on its way from afar and I'm a big mix of nerves and excitement to finally hear it. The animation's looking great, though I'm starting to doubt I'll have it ready by the Los Angeles Animation Festival. I'm not going to sacrifice the quality of it just to submit it to one festival, I'm still going to try my best though, we'll see.

This week has been fairly interesting, as I've done most of my animating while under the influence of Benadryl, thanks to an annoying allergy uprising. It gets the job done wonderfully, but the drowsy factor can be a tricky thing. I'm surprised how well I've managed to work through it, it's like the drowsiness doubles as an automatic-animation-mode and before I know it, hours (and a depressingly low number of frames) have passed.

I passed the 300 hour mark today.

Back to work. Full steam ahead. Kick the tires and light the fires. Go Team Venture!

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Jody said...

I miss you, Busy Boy!