Monday, August 29, 2005

Jacob's 2004 Adventure: Part II- A Chance Taken

All summer I had been saving money and planning a trip to Niagara Falls, Canada. I spent the days after the concert finalizing the plans and looking up other tourist attractions in the area. All this research was done with a silly grin that I had on my face since the day of the concert. My energy was high and my mood was great, but one thing still nagged at me: the letter.

One night when it was on my mind, I did a little research and found something quite interesting. On the day our Niagara Falls trip was to begin, The Corrs would be playing the final show of their North American the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Just an hour and a half away from our hotel at the Falls.

That night I used every bit of internet knowledge I had and I sent a few e-mails to some people in the Toronto area I hoped might be able to help me. I told them my story and told them about my letter. I made it clear that all I was asking was that someone help me get this letter delivered to the band. I didn't expect a reply, but figured I'd regret it if I didn't even try.

As the plans were, I would be going to Niagara Falls with my mom, aunt, and grandma. I checked the money I had saved for the trip, did some calculations, and came up with something that really excited me, but it wasn't for sure yet, so I called a meeting with my fellow travelers. I told them about my concert experience on the 21st, I showed them pictures from that night, and I told them about the letter. Next, I made my announcement: if they were up for a slight detour, I had just enough extra cash to buy four tickets to the concert in Toronto. Surprisingly, they didn't even think about it before agreeing. Success! To top it off, at the age of 73, this would be my grandma's first concert.

Two days after writing those e-mails, I woke up and saw I actually got a reply from CHUM FM, a Canadian radio station. As I opened it, I was convinced I was about to read a "Sorry, we canÂ't help you" e-mail. I was never happier about being so wrong. A wonderfully generous woman told me she had forwarded my e-mail to a friend at Warner Canada, the record label that handles The Corrs when they're in Canada. This kind man said to have me courier the letter to him as he'd be doing press with them the day of the concert. He said he'd try his best to give it to them and maybe even get me an autographed CD! Again, success!

I sent my letter the very next day and began another little project. I'm one who always likes to be prepared for whatever situation may arise and I had planned to get to the arena early enough to hopefully catch the band as they arrived. So, just in case I somehow got to meet them, I wanted to have something to give them. I decided to start working on a picture. Five days later, I finished it.

I was ready.

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