Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Addiction Continues

And now I'm hooked on the video blog chronicles of LUCYinLA, a Texas girl trying to make it as an actress in Hollywood.

How did this happen? I'm not reality TV guy, this is basically the same thing (minus the oh so realistic premises reality shows have). Okay, I'm not a total reality naysayer, I'm one of the millions sucked in by American Idol and I thoroughly enjoyed the second season of Road Rules back in the old days. Timmy and Christian were great. Anyone that remembers "high elbows", give yourself 100 points.

But yes, I'm hooked. I may try my hand at making one soon.

The buzz on the interweb is that Batman's Gonna Get Shot in the Face and The Losers Have a Junkyard should be up on iFilm tomorrow.
In the meantime, take a look at the hilarious behind the scenes footage from the set of Losers, featuring Lloyd Kaufman. There's some heavy (but funny) language ahead, you've been warned. Enjoy!

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