Saturday, October 13, 2007

October? Already?

It's cold and grey out, must be Fall. We were actually up near the 90s and sunny last week, which was nice, but now things are as they should be, which in turn means I'm sitting under a blanket, feeling under the weather and wishing I was somewhere warm and sunny.

Two months from now, we'll most likely be buried under snow.

Along with the gloomy weather comes the new TV season, so it's not all gloom lately. There aren't many new shows that have grabbed me this year, but I'm really happy with the ones that have. Most people seem iffy on it, but I'm liking the new Bionic Woman and Reaper is pretty cool so far. Chuck is much better than I expected, I'm really enjoying that. Easily my favorite of the new shows is Pushing Daisies. It was created by Bryan Fuller, who was one of the creators of Wonderfalls (an all time favorite of mine), so there's that same quirkiness to it, but with more of a fantasy feel. Here's to hoping it gets more of a chance to thrive than Wonderfalls did and maybe it can even help fill the void left by the recently departed Veronica Mars.

Both animated shorts are still chugging along. I was worried about what I'd do about music for The Girl and the Ghost since the start of the project. A couple weeks ago, Larry suggested I get in touch with an old friend of his about music, so I did. A few emails later, he sent me a sample and I'was blown away. I'm ecstatic to announce Mike Wilkinson is officially doing the music for The Girl and the Ghost.

It's a nice step forward for a project that feels like it's moving so slowly. I'm sure the pace will pick up once the rest of the voice work is finished.

I needed a change of scenery so to speak, so for the last couple weeks, I've had my attention fully focused on The Greatest Fan Film of All Time. I'm trying a bit of a different animation technique at the moment and I'm loving it so far. It's surprisingly strange to be animating these characters again. It's been almost a year and a half since I finished Batman's Gonna Get Shot in the Face and now I'm back in that world again.

Dad pointed out the other day that when these two projects are finished, their combined length will most likely be more than every one of my previous projects combined. That's a bit of a freak out.

Well, I'm cold. I think I'll go throw a log on the fire. First I need to find a house with a fireplace and residents who won't be alarmed by a strange man in a wheelchair wielding a log outside their door.