Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm Feeling It

It's been snowing like crazy here for the past week. Maybe longer. It had been a virtually snowless and very mild winter up until recently. I guess the Snow Miser was saving it up to just bombard us, the frost-bitten little creep.

As a result of the nasty weather, I've remained cooped up in the house and not too thrilled about it. I'm itching to get out and do something, but alas, there's not much to do around here. I'm going stir-crazy. As soon as the snow lets up, I need to go see Pan's Labyrinth. I've been waiting for ages to check it out and it's finally showing at the local theater, likely thanks to all of its Oscar nominations.

One fortunate byproduct of my cabin fever is that I've been feeling really creative these last few days. I've been writing (first time in a while) and I've done some computer art, or as I call them, cyber paintings. I'll post one or two of them as soon as I decide whether or not they're finished. On top of that, it looks as though I'm helping Larry and the guys out with a few seconds of animation for an upcoming short film. More on that as it progresses.

It feels nice to be productive.

Expect more cool news later today. Possibly tomorrow. Definitely sometime this week.


by Jacob Drake

Did you know I wrote that one for you?
Did you know that every bit was true?
Born from the way I felt that lovely summer night
Written into finely woven clues

Memories now froze for all of time
Etched forever deep into my mind
Born from the way you looked in glowing fire's light
Grace and beauty, never to be mine

Crimson sun above me when I wake
You left for me, insisted that I take
Given the day you first came into my sight
Will always shine down on me when I ache

Went away so very long ago
Off into a place I do not know
Gone so far away, you follow that which feels right
And now I must learn to let you go

Do you know I wrote this one for you?
Do you know that every bit is true?
Born from the way I've tired of this hidden inner fight
Another dumb poem will just have to do

Friday, January 19, 2007

Latest Project Revealed!

As stated in his most recent blog, I've just finished making a music video for Raine Maida.
After seeing him in St Catharines, he saw the animated shorts and asked me to make a music video for a song of my choice from his upcoming solo album. After listening to his EP over and over (and over and over), I finally decided on Sex, Love, and Honey.
I started working on it as soon as I finished work on the animation for the Bullcrank: Now and Then video. I cranked it out and finished in record time, wrapping it a week ago today.
They're planning to use it on his website, his MySpace page, and possibly even show it behind him when he plays the song in concert!
Seriously, how awesome is this?
I can't wait for it to go online, I'll post again when it does.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


As if the other day's Film Threat news wasn't cool enough, apparently Batman's Gonna Get Shot in the Face has been featured on their main page all day!

In case you look and it's not there anymore, I snapped a shot of it right here.
(click it for a larger version)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Year, Same Jacob

It's tough to believe it's just over a week ago I rang in 2007 with my nerdiest New Year's celebration yet (I drank lots of wine and champagne with Mom and watched Short Circuit at 2 AM). It feels like ages ago. And Christmas was only two weeks ago? I'm telling you, time's gone all wonky.

Kris had surgery last week following the incident at the bar two weeks ago and is recovering nicely.

I've still been keeping busy with my project, which is rapidly nearing completion. I'm hammering out a few last details with the boss right now and I should wrap things up within the next few days. I'm pumped.

In other awesome news, the folks over at chose Batman's Gonna Get Shot in the Face as the 4th best short film of 2006! Check out the article here! It was pretty awesome news to wake up to yesterday. Thanks, guys!

I've been daydreaming about Niagara Falls again. Anybody wanna move there with me?

Today I'll leave you with a new commercial I'm enjoying quite a bit. It's a spot for Old Spice featuring a personal favorite of mine, Bruce Campbell. I'm really tempted to copy the decor (especially the neverending painting) when I redo my bedroom...