Monday, January 29, 2007


by Jacob Drake

Did you know I wrote that one for you?
Did you know that every bit was true?
Born from the way I felt that lovely summer night
Written into finely woven clues

Memories now froze for all of time
Etched forever deep into my mind
Born from the way you looked in glowing fire's light
Grace and beauty, never to be mine

Crimson sun above me when I wake
You left for me, insisted that I take
Given the day you first came into my sight
Will always shine down on me when I ache

Went away so very long ago
Off into a place I do not know
Gone so far away, you follow that which feels right
And now I must learn to let you go

Do you know I wrote this one for you?
Do you know that every bit is true?
Born from the way I've tired of this hidden inner fight
Another dumb poem will just have to do

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