Thursday, November 10, 2005 Year One

Wow, it's already the One Year Anniversary of! One year since I decided to do something with the web address Corey got me for my 22nd birthday.
In one year I've thrown together 67 reviews, 59 blog entries, and 11 "Ask Jacob" replies. Okay, seriously, we need more Ask Jacob participants, ya lazy bums! In all honesty, I can't believe I've already typed up that much stuff for the site, especially since I tend to go a while without updating sometimes. It's amazing how many interesting...characters...I've gotten emails from because of the site. I've even received a message from another Jacob Drake out there!
I've had a blast so far and I just want to take this time to thank some people.

  • Corey- Thanks for buying that url and making me keep being creative. You continue to be "da man," even all the way from Oregon.

  • My family and friends- Thanks for keeping thing interesting and joining me on the various adventures and misadventures I end up blogging about (and the ones I don't).

  • All visitors to the site- Though few you may be, knowing that somebody's out there reading keeps this fun for me, I'll do my by best to keep it fun for you too.

And of course...

  • Jenny- Without you, this site wouldn't be much of anything at all. I may type this stuff up, but you do all the tough stuff and for that I'm grateful. You're the best!

Year one was fun and I expect even more excitement with projects and what not over the next year, so thanks again and stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Happy One Year :) More great things are to come...

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
Or is it more of a birthday?
OK then, we'll go with anniversary.

Happy anniversary to you
Happy anniversary to you
Happy anniversary dear
Happy anniversary to you!

And many more! :)